STEM Schooling’s Lower Primary Science courses for Year 1 or 2 are crafted to tap into children’s innate curiosity, providing them with the tools to comprehend the world around them.

Systematic and Engaging Approach

  1. Harnessing Curiosity:
    • Learning Science at an early age taps into children’s natural curiosity, cultivating an understanding of the world through hands-on exploration.
  2. Child-Centered Practical Tasks:
    • Our courses adopt a systematic approach, incorporating child-centered practical tasks that excite and motivate young learners.
    • Practical tasks are designed to make the learning experience interactive, ensuring that scientific concepts come to life in a tangible and memorable way.

Nurturing a Positive Approach to Science

  1. Positive Science Education:
    • The lessons are structured to nurture a positive approach to Science education, leaving a lasting impact on children’s attitudes towards scientific inquiry.
    • This positive foundation contributes to their potential as young scientists, fostering a love for learning that extends into the future.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Areas of Study

  1. Summary of Areas of Study:
    • A comprehensive curriculum summary provides an overview of the specific areas of study covered in Year 1 and Year 2 Science.
    • The curriculum is designed to cover fundamental scientific principles, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of key concepts.

Smooth Transition to Upper Primary Science

  1. Foundation for Progression:
    • Upon completion of our Lower Primary Science course, students possess a solid foundation, enabling a seamless transition to our Upper Primary Science course.
    • The continuity of the curriculum ensures a progressive and cohesive learning experience as students advance in their scientific exploration.