Three Primary Support Channels at STEM Schooling

At STEM Schooling, your child benefits from a robust support system comprising three key sources:


  • Tutors play a pivotal role by initiating a welcome call and providing detailed and encouraging feedback on assignments.
  • Via the Canvas online system, your child can reach out to Tutors for assistance and support throughout the duration of their course.
  • While Tutors do not conduct online tutorials, their valuable guidance enhances the learning experience.

Student Progress Manager (SPM):

  • Serving as your primary link with the College, the SPM is readily available to address your inquiries and offer guidance.
  • The SPM closely monitors your child’s progress against the assignment schedule, ensuring they stay on course with their studies.

Parental Involvement:

  • As a parent, your active involvement is crucial in supporting your child’s educational journey.
  • The level of support may vary based on your child’s age and maturity, but close engagement significantly contributes to a more successful learning experience and outcomes.

Ways to Support Your Child at STEM Schooling

Establish a Study Timetable:

Assist your child in creating a daily and weekly study timetable. A template will be provided upon enrollment, offering a model for effective time management.

Encourage Communication:

Motivate your child to reach out to Tutors or the Student Progress Manager whenever needed. Open communication ensures timely assistance and clarification of any queries.

Regular Progress Reviews:

Periodically review your child’s progress together. This collaborative approach helps ensure they remain on track with their studies.

Discussing achievements and challenges fosters a supportive environment and reinforces the importance of staying focused on educational goals.

By actively engaging with Tutors, the Student Progress Manager, and maintaining a supportive role as a parent, you contribute significantly to your child’s success in their STEM Schooling homeschooling experience.