While enrolled in a STEM Schooling course, your child receives academic guidance from Tutors and pastoral support from the Student Progress Manager. However, your active involvement and support at home play a crucial role in ensuring their success. The extent of your support will be tailored to your child’s age and learning ability, but it is imperative to:

Discuss Enrollment Information:

Engage in discussions with your child regarding the enrolment information provided to both of you. Understanding the course structure and expectations sets the foundation for a successful learning experience.

Participate in Initial Calls:

Be present during the initial calls with your child’s Tutors. This involvement helps establish a connection and ensures that both you and your child are aligned with the course expectations.

Collaborate on Timetable Creation:

Work with your child to agree upon a daily and weekly timetable. This schedule provides a structured framework for their studies and helps in effective time management.

Ensure Timetable Adherence:

Monitor and encourage your child to follow the agreed-upon timetable. Consistent adherence to the schedule fosters discipline and commitment to their academic pursuits.

Regular Progress Discussions:

Spend dedicated time discussing your child’s progress on a daily or weekly basis. This ongoing dialogue allows you to stay informed about their achievements and challenges, offering a supportive environment.

Review Assignment Feedback:

Carefully go through the feedback your child receives on each assignment. Discussing the feedback together provides an opportunity to address any areas of improvement and reinforce positive aspects of their work.

Promptly Seek Assistance:

Encourage your child to seek help from Tutors or the Student Progress Manager when needed. Timely assistance ensures that any academic queries or challenges are addressed promptly. It’s important to note that if, for any reason, you are unable to provide the above support, we may advise against enrolling your child to ensure a conducive and supportive learning environment at STEM Schooling. Your active participation significantly contributes to your child’s educational journey and overall success.