STEM Schooling’s Lower Primary homeschooling courses are tailored for children aged 4 to 7, marking the beginning of an exciting learning journey. The initial steps involve the “Getting Ready for Year 1 English and Maths” courses, typically taken by children aged 4 and 5.

English and Maths Foundations

Getting Ready for Year 1 English and Maths:

These foundational courses set the stage for early learners, providing essential skills in English and Mathematics.

Tailored to the English National Curriculum, these courses create a robust foundation for progression to Upper Primary, fostering the development of independent learning skills.

Philosophy of Enjoyable Learning:

STEM Schooling believes in the enjoyment of learning. The courses are designed as a partnership between you, your child, and the STEM Schooling team.

Easy-to-follow lesson plans ensure a seamless learning experience, encouraging active participation from both parents and students.

Tutor Support:

Our dedicated Tutors are committed to supporting you and your child throughout the courses.

Regular assignments, detailed feedback, and video calls after each assignment enhance the learning process, maintaining a strong connection between learners, parents, and educators.

Regular Progress Reports:

Your child’s progress is closely monitored, and progress reports for each subject are provided every three months.

This transparent approach keeps you well-informed about your child’s achievements and areas for improvement.

Getting Ready for Year 1 English – Key Benefits

Early Development Skills:

The course focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening, laying the groundwork for effective communication and future learning.

Essential early communication skills are honed, empowering children to express thoughts and interact confidently.

Systematic Approach:

The curriculum systematically teaches speech sounds, letter recognition, blending sounds for reading and spelling, and fine motor skills for precise letter formation.

Engaging Child-Centered Topics:

Child-centered topics make learning motivating and empowering, ensuring that children remain enthusiastic about their educational journey.

Teaching Time:

Allocate up to 4 hours per week for you and your child to complete the Getting Ready for Year 1 English course.

Course Duration:

The course is designed to be completed in 9 months, offering a well-paced and comprehensive learning experience.